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We are a consumer class action firm representing consumers in various types of class action cases in state and federal court.  Examples include representing clients in class action cases against businesses that make “robo-calls” to cellular telephones, residences and Washington businesses for commercial solicitation or collection purposes and/or businesses that commit “do not call” violations.  We also represent consumers in cases against businesses that send commercial solicitation text messages to cellular telephones, and those that violate laws regulating email solicitation.  We handle class actions against banks that charge illegal fees when loans are paid off, where the charges are not allowed by the deeds of trust and violate the Consumer Protection Act.  We file claims on behalf of homeowners against escrow companies for charges that are improper.  We also represent workers in class actions against their employers for claims involving wage and hour disputes, including overtime pay.  In short, we represent class representatives and classes of Washington and other consumers in cases seeking to vindicate their legal rights on a variety of fronts, and are always open to discussing new potential cases and concepts.

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Consumers Union Campaign to Stop Robocalls

According to the Consumers Union, the major telephone carriers have the technical ability to prevent consumers from receiving robo-calls, but have declined to implement changes that could bring an end to these unwanted and irritating sales pitches.  You can sign a petition (https://consumersunion requesting that the carriers take action. According to Consumers Union, “Robocallers […]

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Record Settlement for Consumers who Received Unwanted Robocalls from Capital One

Williamson & Williams and co-counsel represented the plaintiff class representatives and settlement class in a robocalls case against Capital One that was finalized in June 2015 in Chicago, Illinois.  The settlement was the largest all-cash class settlement in the Telephone Consumer Protection Act’s history. Under the settlement terms, consumers who receiving automated or prerecorded calls […]

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Robocall Negatives

Robocalls disturb privacy and tie up the phone system. Most consumers, but not all, also are deprived of the right to question or otherwise deal with the telemarketer.

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Trial News Article Regarding Washington’s Statutes Regulating Telemarketing by Kim Williams

The Washington legislature has enacted statutes to protect Washington Consumers from commercial telephone solicitation by use of an automatic dialing and announcing device (“ADAD”). Often these telephone calls are referred to as “robocalls.” Washington statutes include RCW 80.36.400 which provides, in part, that ADAD solicitation calls to Washington telephones violate the Washington Consumer Protection Act, RCW […]

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