KOMO News Interviews Williamson & Williams About Stellar Checks

September 21st, 2016

Checks have been sent out to over 27,000 Washington businesses as a result of our firm obtaining a judgment of $4,000,000 against Stellar Concepts and Designs for broadcasting over 30,000 robocalls to Washington businesses.  Many recipients were skeptical and have called the Attorney General, the Better Business Bureau, their banks, the court, our law firm and KOMO News. Connie Thompson of KOMO was interested in the story and interviewed us so that viewers could learn more about the case and be assured the checks were genuine:

When someone you don’t know suddenly sends you a check for nearly a hundred dollars – it can pay to be suspicious. But in this case, the checks are real.

They’re settlement checks from a class action lawsuit over illegal robocalls.

The case is unique, because instead of going to individual consumers the robocall sales pitches targeted small businesses.

Seattle attorneys Rob Williamson and Kim Williams filed the class action lawsuit after being contacted by small business owner Richard Maclean. Maclean complanied his business line was being targeted by robocall sales pitches from a company called Stellar Concepts and Design.

See the rest of the article at komonews.com: Local check mailings raise suspicion, but the $92 checks are legit.

And here’s the interview that aired on KOMO 4 News:

If you received a similar check or would like more information on the Stellar case, read more here.